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So I’m unpacking boxes and cursing in my head the whole time.  I really truely hate moving.  I hate it enough that I am considering if I ever move again, just hiring a team of people to come in and pack my house, transport, and unpack it for me.  I know where I want everything, but it’s the challenge of space / combining two households. 

I walked out in the garage this afternoon after my husband had spent a decent hunk of the morning organizing and I swear my jaw dropped.  I didn’t have any idea that two households could have that much junk.  We both hate garage sales and really have no patience for it.  So instead we will be listing a host of things on craigslist the next few weeks in effort to de-stuff. 

You start realizing that you have a lot of “stuff” when you say to yourself “do I really want to ever have to move this again?”