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The nation was still rejoicing with the news of Sarah Palin being the choice of McCain, when I received the remark:  “You know… you could do a really good impersonation of her.  The pulled up hair, the glasses, the lips, the suits… seriously you should look at becoming a brunette and hope the Republicans win.  You could have a whole new second career as an impersonator!”

I actually took it as a compliment.  Afterall she was voted “America’s Hottest Governor” and was a beauty queen in the 80’s.  Still I guess I’m not seeing alot of resemblance.  Then Mom tells me this afternoon “you look a bit like the new vice presidential candidate” I guess it’s true if your Mom says it.

Back when the Monica Lewinsky issue was hot, I had just dyed my hair dark brown at just the wrong time.  So that year for Halloween I dressed up as Monica, complete with the blue dress and black beret.   So it’s not like being linked to a political image is new to me.  I’m just thankful this time it’s something / someone to be proud of.