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So I’m driving down the road the other day and theres’ a guy on the corner with a sign that says “JESUS”.


All that was on his sign was “JESUS”.  Which is totally cool, but my second thought after “Cool!” was in the voice of comedian Jeff Dunham, instead of “Jalpeno on a stick” it was “Jesus on a stick”.

I just might be going to hell.

I’m all for corner preachers, if you are brave enough to stand on a corner and attempt to preach to people during rush hour, then your Angel must sweat.  Especially in Chattanooga, Tennessee where we recognize the state flower as an orange traffic cone.

(On a serious note though I have an issue with men who sit in Prayer Stops in Maryland pretending to be things they aren’t and offering guidance and prayer.  When really they haven’t talked to their own family in years and wouldn’t recognize their own granddaughter if she walked right up to him and called him “Granddaddy Mac”.  Articles about your redemption in the Washington Post and the building your built yourself and the multitudes of times that everyone else was more important than your own family… yeah read Matthew 7:3-5)