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My “Mini-Me” and I are going through Targette’ yesterday when we pass by the kids DVD display.  A squeel comes forth from my child when we see a Barbie DVD that she didn’t have yet.  Not a big purchase decision, as the Barbie DVD’s are pretty cheap.  I hand it to her and think nothing more about it until today.

I hate trying to open DVD cases when they are still all shrink wrapped and stuff.  Forget security gates at prisons, just get the DVD packaging plant to do security and no more escaped convicts.

For a Barbie DVD…. we’re not talking a Disney new release…. 3 big ole’ stickers!  On on each opening!  With “SECURITY DEVICE ENCLOSED” printed on each one.  Seriously?  It took me longer to get the DVD out than it’s play length is long!  And then expecting some great big secuirty type device to come sprining out at me de-activated when I opened the case… there is just the DVD.


Forget the chasity belts of the 1800’s.  Now days just invest in “SECURITY DEVICE ENCLOSED” stickers.