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Sterioids no matter how small the ammount are a tool of the devil. I actually had to tell someone the other day that I’m wearing a size 8. For me in my mind that’s unacceptable. My frustration continues to mount.

Medicines in as much as they make us better sometimes I have to wonder. As is one of my allergy medicines that is keeping me breathing, but even though I’m taking it at night, I’ve become a talking zombie. I swear the other day I got into work and about an hour after being there I woke up. it was just like :”PING”!

Even as I type I could use toothpicks to keep my eyes open, I’m sleeping more but for some reason the adjustment on the medicines is taking it’s toll on me. Either that or my brain is trying to keep track of to many projects at once. Which is a good possibility.

An overweight, talking zombie…. delightful.

Comment from Red in response to comment made on this post by “Healthy”:

And no I’m not calling anyone obese. For what I do professionally a size 8 can be viewed as too big. Even though I am not a runway model by any means, I still have to be trim and within a certain size range. Even aside from a professional standpoint, personally and for health reasons I do not want to be above a size 8. I never called or insinuated anything over that was “obese” just that anything over a standard us size 8 is too big for me.