It’s time to rumble and take a statement(s) that I made once upon a time, and reject it. Thrown down the BS (bullshit) card on it.

“When it’s right you’ll just know, you won’t question.”

“If you question then it’s not right.”

“You will question when something is wrong.”

I call Bullshit on my own statements and officically reject every single one of them or anything I’ve said similar to them.

We are human, we have the given gift to question and reason. To seek and find out the answers. We trust the chair we are about to sit in, we don’t neccessarly trust the fellow humans that are closer to us than aforementioned chair.

We go to the internet seeking answers, seeking quizes that will magically tell us the right answer. We seek out card readers and fortune tellers hoping that they will tell us the honest truth about what they see. We read our horoscopes and study astrology in hopes that it will give us a path and answer said questions. We burn up the phone lines with our best friends seeking their input and thoughts and wisdom in hopes for some clairty to our own questions. We read non-stop and observe other humans for a shred of evidence to the answer.

And what do we get? A headache.

To question is to be human. To blindly accecept is to be a ignoramous. We question because we have been taught to, to make choices to weight the pros and cons. Questioning is not to be confused with trust. That’s a whole different topic for another day.

There are six categories of questions: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. The who, what, when, where, why, and understanding of the whole process. Without questions there would be no science or math courses, no game shows, no “because I’m the Mommy and I said so” answers. Without questions there would be no debates, no inner strife, no getting to know you human communication process, no dumbass quizes on the internet.

To questions is to feel and to think. To play a “hide and go seek” game with the answer. We seek knowledge, we seek truth, we seek peace, we seek sanity, we seek sales.

If there were no questions, I doubt the internet would be nearly as popular as it is.

Sometimes we may not always like the answer that we come up with. We may reject it because we don’t like the theory or application behind it. But it’s still an answer to the question. In as much as we have to accept the answer sometimes, I think we also have to accept the question and the reasoning behind it.

To question is to live, and to question what is in the air that you just filled your lungs with.