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Tonight was my first night down at Riverbend here in Chattanooga this year.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, picture the biggest gathering of rednecks  you can imagine, a healthy dose of spandex stretched to it’s limits, an overall stench of three day old warm beer, throw in some cover bands that are just a little off, and open the gates and block the busiest streets in downtown.  Oh the the flies, don’t forget the flies and their relatives.

There are many good points about the event, it brings the Chattanooga area together to commune in our streets to rejoice over musical acts that have been unearthed off the internet or ending a eight year battle to get a big name act to even consider putting Chattanooga on their concert schedule, it also puts monies in pockets of particular people.

The best sport of the night is the people watching, which is even richer and more enteraining than the mall.

More thoughts to come, I must go scrape the event grime off of my being.