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So we are attending a friends wedding this weekend and I’m having a debate about my dress.  It’s a 6pm wedding and the things I had selected are not quite formal enough, or are to business-like.  I have procrastinated on shopping and now have no time or desire to go shopping (I’m having an HAE attack and therefore no energy) at the last minute.

I wore a really pretty and conservative red dress to Denim and Diamonds this year that I would like to pull out of the closet again, I thought that it would be perfect.  Too dressy for work, modest, fits well, and fits the level of formality.  Upon mentioning this to Lila she was shocked that I would consider wearing the color red to a wedding!  So I did what I do when I don’t know much about something… I googled it.

I’m finding a mixed report, but the most popular verdict is that the color red is fine as long as it’s classy.  I think I’ll pair it with a sheer black drape, black strappy shoes and a black purse, should be fine.

Any thoughts or comments?