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Awhile back I wrote how bad I wanted the new Kate Spade Chattanooga Carson purse, well I found one on Ebay, become obessed and still did not reach the minimum reserve.  **softly curses**

Then I find another one, and before the auction is over I’ve already reached my self imposed limit even though it’s over what I should spend.  I have become obsessed with this purse, I want it so bad I’m drooling.  I have been so good compared to my previous lives.  Seriously.  I’ve buckled down and have even posted a pic of the purse on my phone to keep me inspired (old inspiration trick) and still, arrgh!

I searched for this thing for months and now there have been three but none of them are mine!

And yes, I know it’s a trap and a crutch but dammit I do need it, and who better to carry a Chattanooga Carson Kate Spade other than a Chattanooga girl?