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What is it they say when it comes to the gifts a man buys you?

Something along the lines of “if he gets you an appliance, that’s all he thinks you’re good for (cooking/cleaning)”

Well I got a new microwave for Mother’s Day, which actually was just perfect as I did need a new one.  The old one worked okay for the time being till I was able to get a new one (thanks to Lila for letting me use her old one for awhile).

“You’ll think of me every time you nuke something.”

“Nuke… Nude… Nude Nuke… Nuke Nude… I know what you were thinking!”

Personally I think it was thoughtful, and in his defense he did get me a very sweet and romantic card, and he’s gotten me lots of more romantic things before.  He’s very good at noticing the things that I need.

Yep, it’s serious, he got me a microwave.  **swoon**