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When you are in a serious relationship there are going to be various points in which your significant other meets your friends.  Friends who you have had for years, months, decades, whatever.  Friends whom you love to pieces and hold dear for various reasons.  When you meet the friends, inavertadely they will tell you more about your significant other.

Tonight G got to meet two of my best friends since elementary.  We’re not as close as we once were, and tonight during dinner I realized looking around at us and real seeing how different we are (and how cool that is) how glad I am that we met when we were kids and life was simpler, because otherwise I’m not sure our circles would have intersected.

In as much as I seem to be  very public person in some ways, it takes a lot to get to know me and get close to me.  I have a handful of people whom I’m very close with and adore for various reasons.  Tonight I gave thanks again for the wonderful “circle” so to speak.

In other old news, I’m really 45.  Somewhere I missed placed some change.