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As a little girl I loved playing dress up in my Mom’s closet.  She had been a model in her twenties and even into the 80’s kept up her designer obsession.  About once a year I attempt to get Mom to purge a few of her things as she has a tendency to hang on to things longer than what she should.

Mom was never one to be a “bum”.  She didn’t lounge around the house at night in sweat pants and t-shirts, she lounged around in silky nightgowns and robes that brushed her ankles.  I always wanted to emulate that style when I got older, and was instantly bummed when I realized that they don’t make the ankle length gowns in petite length often.  Today I was able to talk Mom into getting rid of a few of the ones that had seen much better days.

Then I hit a “gold mine”.  Two gowns that are vintage enough in their look they are begging for a boudoir – old hollywood glamour  photo shoot.  Then the third gown, a hiddeous piece of designer fashion as old as I am if not older.  A Christian Dior cream gown.  The years had done their work on the fabric as it showed wear, I remembered the gown well on Mom when I was young.  It was always kinda, well… hideous.  It did nothing for her figure and reminded me of something someone twice her age would wear.  So tonight, I cut the vintage Dior up.

First thing to go was the sleeves, small wrists and seriously outdated lines.  I trimmed carefully and made sure to leave the lace and drawstring at the neckline in place.  I tried it on and was amazed at how it made my shoulders look, and mussed over the fact that Mom should have cut the sleeves off the thing years ago.  Then I chopped it off above the knees.  I cut a vintage Dior nightgown up… and it looks awesome.  So awesome I’m seriously considering investing the money to take it to a professional seamestress to finish off the edges.

I’ll see about posting pics of it soon, I’m seriously excited about this piece.  Hopefully the fashion gods don’t smite me for defiling a Dior, but seriously… I think I did it justice by putting into modern day goodness with a vintage twist.