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So I get the crazy idea in my head tonight to paint.  Yep, paint.  As in that stinky colored stuff that goes on a wall.

I’ve been very “restless” lately.  Partly I know it’s because I need to resign the lease soon and I wasn’t expecting to be in this townhome this long.  But aside from the occasional annoying neighbors issues (since the evil ones on the side finally moved!)   I think it’s also because I haven’t wanted to put alot of money and time into the place since it’s not a long term placement.  I have been reluctant to buy any new furniture as the cats still have their claws, and will as long as I live in “the city”.  So I thought tonight it might help to steady my nerves by painting yet another wall.  It seems to help calm me when I paint.

My next project will be the kitchen.  That will be one busy weekend.