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So I get a response today, via the local BBB.

“On March 13, 2008, the business provided the following information:

Regarding in case of M.  As we could all remember that day was Valentines day and we were very busy that night. Customer had complain that they had 12 people at a table, there was 11 that night, We were sorry about that also, but if they had informed us they wanted to be move we could of moved them, but then that mean they would have to wait another 10-15 mintutes for another table. We had apoligize to the gentlemen and his family including the entire table. As M complaint had said that their food had not arrived on time because the server had lost their ticket and had to put up another ticket for the chef to prepare for the customers. It takes about 5-10 minutes for chef to prepare for dinner. Customer M and boyfriend was very rude to manager and servers. We had tried to help them, but he had refuse to listen and was yelling at manger in from of the entire restuarant. Manager had walked away to be somewhere private away from other customers. That was not very polite that he even yelled at the server and said some unkind remarks. He had demanded that we give him free food for the entire table the one that he was sitting at. We had offered a discount of half their meal price, but cannot give free food. We offered them the best chef we had that night. He didn’t want the offer so he got up and left. Again we had went back to the table and apoligize again. We were really sorry for the complaint but we want to offer good service for our customers. We all remember the customer very well for his behavior in front of the entire restaurant.Thank you,

This is my response:
“I do not accept this response because it is untrue. There was no offer made of a discount or even the best chef. The manager/owner walked off and was rude. There is no excuse to treat any customer regular or not the way we and others were treated. You do not go running off to your kitchen saying “too much stress! Too much stress!” Totally unprofessional and not the way to run a restaurant.

We should not have been packed around a table made for 10 people to begin with.

The server should have addressed the ticket problem immediately and the manager himself should have come to our table directly upon seeing the wait time, not wait for the problem to be addressed to him.

The entire table never received an apology while we were there, they may have after we left. They deserved it for the way that they were being treated by the restaurant staff and management.

We have never been rude to any staff at any restaurant. We’ve been customers of Shogun for awhile and have always been polite and tipped well. If you would like to verify our kind treatment of restaurants staff please contact the management at either Big River Grill Hamilton Place, or The Chop House. Both restaurants are familiar with us and know that we treat staff with respect, tip well and do very regular business with them because they know how to offer customer service and take care of their customers.

There was never any help offered, just outright refusal to deal with the problem, and now outright refusal to admit that there is a problem that exists.

The server was never yelled at by either one of us, but we did witness the manager/owner yelling at her in front of her co-workers and customers.

This was not good service, there wasn’t any good service that night, and since this we’ve spoken to many other people in the area who have had very similar experiences at Shogun and agree that there is no caring there for taking care of the customers.

-The very unsatisfied customer”