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I sat this evening at the local fast food joint playground, where one of my (since we were our kids age) girlfriends and I watched our kids play, and passed her youngest one back and forth between us. There was another mother sitting a few feet away watching her kids play too, at one point my girlfriends youngest one crawled over to where the other mother was sitting. She didn’t think twice, as my friend was right there with her daughter, and the other mother picked up the little one and did the baby talk thing with her. The baby grinned and drooled her approval.

A couple of days ago I was in the store picking up some things, and found myself in the baby section. (hey… only aisle with tear-free shampoo) and there was the most adorable black baby. She looked just like a Cabbage Patch doll, complete with the perfect grin. I paused and talked with her Mom for a minute and did the baby talk thing with the baby. We talked about kids for a minute and she asked me some questions about bath time, as her little one wasn’t really taking to it too well. Something that Meg never had a problem with, but I had been around other little ones who had. So we talked.


Economic background, ethnicities, religious belief systems, sexuality, and politics aside, it brings women together.