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Tonight I spent the evening moving furniture, and my back is already thanking me for the impromptu workout.

My darling Mini Me is about to be turning 4, and for the past two years she’s been sleeping in a toddler bed.  While it’s worked out well, and she’s never had any issues with it.  So finally she now has a “really big girl” bed, a full size adult bed.  True, she’ll eventually really grow into it, right now she looks so tiny in the bed.  I stood by her bed tonight watching her sleep and just marveled for the unending countless time how small she really is and how fast she’s growing, how she’s such a little miracle and gift.  Tucked in between her purple sheets she slept soundly, as I rubbed my sore shoulders.

Moving furniture is a great workout.  I was just saying to my favorite local massage therapist today that I haven’t had much time lately for working out, boy did I speak too soon!  Moving stuff around and up and down stairs tonight has done me in.