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… and because I’ve lost it, (not my mind) I cannot sleep.  Which is not good.  I’ve searched the car, my purse, bags, planner, briefcase, etc… and I’m still not seeing it.

This is not good because I’ve lost a check.  It’s not showing up in the bank footprints, of which I’m hoping I did make a deposit and the records just won’t be updated for deposits till tomorrow morning.  But I always keep receipts and I’m not finding that either, so that leads me to believe that I’ve misplaced this check somewhere.  I have the detached stub…. oh gee.  I’m so glad for the invention of direct deposit for this very reason.  I get to doing too many things at once and get distracted too easily!

It was dark out when I searched the car, so perhaps it’s lodged somewhere and I’m just not seeing it.  Arrgh!  Just what I need the wee hours before I start a new job!