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  • Do accept and love yourself before you get into a serious relationship.
  • Don’t depend on someone else to make your decisions for you – Don’t leave it up to fate
  • Do say “I Love You” often, and mean it.
  • Don’t take things too seriously, too soon.
  • Do keep massage products stocked.
  • Don’t marry someone when you can’t get someone else out of your mind.
  • Do take your time kissing.
  • Don’t change yourself for someone else.
  • Do hold hands.
  • Don’t argue over breakfast, bad way to start out the day.
  • Do compliment your significant other.
  • Don’t assume that you are in a committed relationship unless you’ve had “the talk”.
  • Do simple little things like sending an e-card or leaving a little note every so often.
  • Don’t worry over the little things, grow up and decide what is and what isn’t a big deal.
  • Do keep clean sheets on the bed.
  • Don’t expect him to know what’s going on in your mind.
  • Do communicate like a grown up.
  • Don’t tell him everything that’s on your mind.
  • Do explore/expirement and learn what you like sexually.
  • Don’t refuse to try something new.
  • Do keep whipped cream and chocolate syrup in the fridge.
  • Don’t demand he/she think about you 24/7.
  • Do have your own life.

Oh I’m sure there’s more… just starting a list.  What are some of the things that you would put on a Do and Don’t Love list?