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Seriously?  Did the Victorias Secret swimsuit catalouge have to come in the mail today?

I’m feeling fat thanks to the wonderful world of HAE / IA whatever the hell it is that my body has decided to inflict upon me and the steroids that treat it.  I have a midriff bearing photoshoot coming up here in less than a month and there’s only so much a girl in my condition can do.  Argh.

So looking at the hot models with their perfect little flat stomachs and great tans only makes me want to hurl.  Even upon reminding myself the amount of photoshopping that goes on and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make the pictures look the way they do.

Time to double the sit-ups and up the tanning bed visits.

Seriously though… today?  I knew that going to the mailbox was a bad idea.