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Where Not To Eat – Shogun on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga TN

It takes a lot to get under my skin to the boiling point with restaurants  as I try to be understanding of things that can go wrong since I have worked  in the industry.  So with this in mind…. let me tell you about our dinner experience last night and why we will NEVER go to Shogun on Gunbarrel road again.

We had called ahead and made a reservation for 3 people for 7pm and were told that it would not be a problem.  We arrived on time and were sat within 10 minutes of arriving.

They sat us in a room with two grills, and squeezed a group of 12 around a table for 10.  Our waitress greeted us after we’d been there for about 5 minutes and proceeded to get our orders.  10 minutes later our soup and salads showed up, the soup was cold/room temperature and the salads were soggy and had more water on them than dressing.  It was another 5 minutes before our drinks made it to the table.

From the time that we sat down I waited 30 minutes before I went and spoke to the manager, who ignored me until I had to barge in front of someone else in line to even get his attention.  He informed me that our waitress had lost our ticket and that we would be seeing a chef soon, and then promptly turned his attention elsewhere.  No apology was mentioned.

Now for those of you who have kids know that it can be a little trying sometimes, I do have to say that I have an angel of a child.  She wasn’t fussing and was behaving herself quite well, looking forward to dinner as she loves eating at “the fire place” which is why we chose Shogun to begin with.

About ten minutes after I sat down we did see a chef, at the table next to us, who had been sat 20 minutes after we were.  Soon after this point G got up and he confronted the manager.  The manager was very rude and kept stating that it was not his fault, our waitress had lost the ticket and we would be seeing a chef shortly.  He had no reply other than it was not his fault when questioned about why if she lost our ticket didn’t she come back immediately and get our orders again.  The manager was very rude and started shouting.  So we got up and proceeded to leave.

Upon leaving G had another verbal confrontation with the manager there finally was a “I’m sorry.  I cannot handle this stress!”  uttered and the he ran back into the kitchen.  We looked at our table again before we walked out the door and they still had not seen a chef.  By then it had been over an hour since our table had been sat.

Now we have eaten there at least twice a month for well over a year, not so much for the food but because it’s closer than Brainerd Road and the chef’s are very charismatic with MiniMe.   Shogun on Gunbarrel Road will not see our business again.

We ate at O’Charlie’s on Shallowford Road one night last week and our food was a little late out to the table, not even 30 minutes and the kitchen manager himself came out and apologized and said he was going to take care of our ticket.  They even brought us desert.  Not necessary and super nice of them, our service was great and we were not complaining.  It’s amazing the difference between a restaurant that cares about it’s customers and realizes that without customers they would be out of business, and a restaurant like Shogun that doesn’t care at all about their customers, their food or the quality or lack of professionalism of their restaurant.