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We went to go see “Fools Gold” this weekend at the Rave.  Had excellent plans to have dinner at the Italian restaurant nearby, but they were on a one hour wait.  I’ll be dammed.  Claustrophobia is enough to make me run from good salad and garlic rolls.  Thankfully just up the strip there is a little pizza joint with thin crusted, greasy goodness with meaty topping pizza.  Oh, and big screen tv’s so you can at least watch sports even if you can’t hear em’.

We ended up enjoying coffee and newspapers in between the two.  Nowadays when movie ticket prices are as high as they are you don’t want to end up getting there too late and getting one of the seats in the very front.  Yuck.  So we opted for a later showing.  All the better.  “Fools Gold” was a good movie.  No too girlie at all, seeing as it took no work to get G to agree to go see it.  It wasn’t one that made you think too much, just good brain fluff.  I did enjoy the plot though, as I’ve always been fascinated by treasure hunting and deep sea diving, especially after studying the Titanic (before the movie) and the efforts that have gone into studying that ship underwater.

Looking back on it, I would have to say my favorite part of our whole excursion was just the sipping coffee and reading our respective sections of the newspaper, sharing little bits here and there.  Just plain nice.