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This morning I even have a major amount of annoyance to go along with my morning hatred. Simon the psycho cat decided to knock our parfum bottles off the counter this morning, at 4:45am. Due to the start it gave me there was no going back to sleep immediately, so after threatening to skin him, and tossing and turning for the next 2o minutes I thought I could read myself to sleep. Nope. No such luck. So I went ahead and got up, did some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, ate breakfast (which I never do) brewed a double pot of coffee and grabbed my iPod.

Seriously. Know that you have a long day ahead? Get that coffee strong and blare some Madonna into your skull.

After feeling like roadkill twice warmed over yesterday (bad medicine reaction) today I can actually get up and down the stairs without needing a nap. Progress!

Now, where’s my IV for the coffee pot?