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So I get a phone call from my dear “big sis” April, waking my very much asleep body up to tell me a tornado was headed in my direction.  Looks like northeast Alabama got hit and she saw on the forecast it was heading towards my area of Tennessee.  She was very right to call me, as I probably would have slept through it.

Upon finally dragging myself out of bed when thunder shook the house, the news told me there were no touchdowns but just conditions for it and bad thunderstorms.  I start freaking because I see it moving towards my ex-husbands home area and he’s got Meg this morning.  Upon confirming she was safe at daycare, just a few blocks from my home, my major anxiety passed.  Then there are reports of the storm heading towards my parents neck of the woods, Dad had no clue, so I was very glad that was a phone call I made.

I hate storms.  I am fascinated by them though.  Part of me has always wanted to be a storm chaser, but frankly I’d chicken out.