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There is a naked woman in my house.   She likes it downstairs, just inside the front door, somewhere before you go upstairs and not quite in the living room.  She hangs out on a daily and nightly basis, never flinching.  The naked woman holds a baby close to her heart, tight in her arms.  It’s a beautiful expression of a mothers love for her child.

My darling “big sis” painted this piece (I promise I will post a pic later) and had it sitting around her house.  By this time in her life she should know better than to leave art pieces that she’s done laying around and not displayed, because in my humble opinion they are too good just to be stuffed in a closet.  I’ve always enjoyed different forms of art in all types of mediums.  In as simple as the piece might be I love how depending on your mood, it seems to change the painting of the woman.  Sometimes she’s tired and exhausted from taking care of a baby all day.  Other times she’s happy and you can almost hear a giggle as she dances with her baby around the room.  And still yet other times it’s a bliss filled silence where she’s snuggling the baby close before she puts it down for bed.

So many emotions of a woman, in one canvas of paint.