Weightless, being an island of seclusion, surrounded by softly scented bubbles and the beat of the iTunes playlist in the background.  The heat from the water warmed my body and sliding myself down into the bath, with the water covering my ears put me into a calm state where I could not escape my thoughts easily.  The cool slick walls rebounded my thoughts, while I tried to come to some sort of a conclusion.

What I want right now in life isn’t realistic by many things.  I have to take multiple issues into consideration, and come up with the best situation for the time being.  I am hindered by things, some that are my fault, and others that I have no control over, some that I can resolve in time, others that I have no choice in.  It comes back to making the picture/outlook be the best it can for the time being.

I’ve come to a conclusion, not neccessarly the one I was hoping to come across, but one that will hopefully be able to pan out.  Certain dreams have to be set on the back burner in lieu of practicality, and every day existence.  The things that hold me back I don’t resent, it just makes the course even more difficult to navigate but it’s not impossible.

Just two quick thoughts:

1. Don’t do wrong by a redhead, especially this one. 

2.  Life is like a sales cold call, just do it.