Being out of it, littererly and figuratively the last few days has really helped my head I think.  Then again thinking has been difficult.  I’ve hated not working, I’m used to being able to do some work from home at least.  Drawing up proposals, designing presentations, putting together schedules, calling clients just to check in, etc…. And with the new job I can’t do that.  Totally different environment.  So today I struggled to get in the office for a little bit, needed to touch base with some clients and look over some contracts.  Unfortunately my head started in on a migraine last night, and it came into full bloom today, while standing over the fax machine.  Needless to say I didn’t get everything accomplished as much as I wanted.  Still very fuzzy headed, but I’m about to go crazy.  I’m headed to see my massage guy tomorrow because I can’t take the pain anymore, not to mention I’m sure the headaches are related to the injury.  I know it could have been alot worse, I’m thankful that it wasn’t.

As soon as I feel better I’m going to go on a campaign to get speed limit signs posted more clearly on East Brainerd road.