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So here I am needing to rest, unable to.  My home is a very noisy place.  Loud neighbors, weird noises coming from the water pipes, loud cars on the road, my psycho cats…  I miss living in a quiet house in a private neighborhood.  True that wouldn’t change the psycho cats, but that’s to be expected.  If I could just keep Simon away from the humidifier it all might be okay.

The medications should be making me sleepy, and I have dozed.  But not slept.  Really truely slept.  Last night I tossed and turned, no relief of getting comfortable in sight.  The pain is either keeping me awake or waking me up.  Not to mention I’m my own worst enemy and cannot stand a day when I’m not working, and still trying to conduct some form of business in my half drugged state.  To a salesperson, daylight is money.  Right now my body just wants to be pain free and have some good sleep.

Oh, and daytime tv sucks.  The only two good things on that I have seen (albeit I dozed during both) was The Morning Show with Mike & Juilet on Fox and some music videos on VH1.  And when did the Style Network go to the all wedding network.  Gag me with a spoon… seriously.  Shows about the newest things in fashion and makeup no longer exist on that network it seems… nothing but weddings.  *rolls eyes*