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Oh I hurt.  Can hardly move my neck and shoulders.

And boys and girls it’s now time for me to lecture you as to why you should always have an emergency fundage account.  Right now I have no insurance.  (Therefore I’ve been paying for all of my medications out of pocket and been broker than a church mouse. Not to mention I’ve had to cancel important doctors and immunologist appointments that HAE people need to have to make sure everything is working properly because they are too expensive.) Therefore a trip to the doctor is going to cost me out the ass up front.  My doctors office won’t even bill me later.  I was informed to go to a particular chiropractor, but alas…. no dollars for it.  I have to pay for the damage to get fixed on my car, upfront.  My medical bills upfront, and if I’m lucky the insurance company of the guy who hit me will pay for my time off work.  But this is all long term money, not right now.

I don’t know what do to, all I feel like doing is crying and sleeping.  And getting out of pain.  Ouch.