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I should have gone to the ER yesterday after the wreck, but I didn’t think I was hurt that bad.  I was wrong.  So I ended up not seeing my regular doctor as they were being shall we politely say “difficult”.  Took the recommendation of one of my friends and went to see the local “Doc In the Box”.  Not without lots of precautions though, updated the list in my phone as to what prescriptions I’m on and the doses.  (One has to be very careful with HAE that there are no drug interactions at all as just the slightest bad interaction can trigger a painful attack.) 

I had to call upon Mom to chafferer me there as G was stuck at work, as was everyone else I would feel comfortable asking to take me to the doctor.  I braced myself for the worst, stepped into the office and was immediately greeted by the doctor himself.  A kind old soul who seemed to miss the buzz of the emergency room.  It took some time and some x-rays, and now some time off with a heating pad, medications, rest, and a massage therapist.

The doctor was very impressive, even though I was armed with all the necessary papers on my medical issues with HAE, he actually knew about it.  I didn’t have to explain or cite any writings or websites.   He asked all the right questions and knew which medications did what, he was a true honest to goodness doctor.  Now I could tell you nightmarish stories of ER docs and GP’s who have been bewildered by the whole thing.  But he knew, he actually knew.  I will go back to him again, I was very impressed and he was very through.