My thoughts have been on religions as of late… and have had many interesting discussions thereof. I know what I believe. That’s the easy part. In as much as I hate to be put into a box I’m at a point in my life where I’m desiring a “group” aka congregation of similar beliefs. I’ve not found what I’m looking for yet. I am being very picky about this as it also inadvertently involves my daughter and what she will be around and learn. In the end I may just decide to stay where I was raised, but somehow I doubt that. I’ve eliminated some choices and it’s been a sticky process. For too long I have put off making this decision, and for some reason the time is now.

I don’t think that anyone should attend a church because that’s what they were brought up in, what their parents were, etc… Decisions have to be made by every single person as to what they believe and how they live their life. Don’t let the “church” or “circle” tell you what to believe, decide and study for yourself. Important part of that is not to stop studing, that’s where I had a downfall. Comfort was the name of the game and not questioning too much. If we don’t ask questions then we’ll never learn. If we never learn, we are nothing more than blind sheep. I doubt any “god” or “goddess” wants blind sheep.