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It’s too late at night to get too deep into this but if i don’t get some of it out of my head I fear I might not sleep.

I had one of the best “religious” conversations today, with someone I greatly respect.  A conversation that reaffirmed to me that in all the years of having SDA-ism pushed into my head, that it’s okay not to be an Adventist.  For awhile now I’ve been visiting other churches and studying other religions and asking alot of questions.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have assurance from someone that you respect, and who knows where you are coming from in a religious background point.

Being put into a box can be painful.  I know what I believe in.  Unfortunately somewhere along the line I became soured to “religion” so to speak.  Now it’s just been the journey of finding where I fit in.

Some say Pagans have it easier.  Some say Christians have it easier.  Some say Straights have it easier.  Some say Gays have it easier.  Nah.  It’s not a matter of having it “easier” so to speak, it’s a matter of finding what you believe in and truly believing in it.