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It’s the little things that make the difference, that when you notice them, stand out and just give you that warm-fuzzy feeling all over.

It’s easy in this life to get caught up in work and just in the daily activites of life.  Often puttting aside the time, even just a few minutes, for that special people in your life can be difficult.   A dozen roses is nice, but isn’t neccessary.  A few minutes of conversation and communication is better than any bouquet.  The little nice things that we can do for each other to make our time here on earth just a little bit nicer.

I look back over my life at various relationships and see where things could have been worked on harder, from a different angle, or should have been given up on sooner.  I see where maturity meets wisdom and really see the differences between what’s worth arguing about and what’s not.  The little things that we can let slide, and our own little things that we can fix that will make us better people in the end.