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I’m all over saving a few cents and buying the bargain brand.  There has now been an item removed from my “bargain shop” list.  Yogurt.

For years I’ve brought every brand out there… but Yoplait.  Because most of the time it seemed to be in smaller containers and was more expensive.  I only like two flavors of yogurt so by chance the other day when the grocery store was out of what I wanted, except for in Yoplait… I grabbed it.  A couple hours later at home I was in heaven…. and promptly ate two containers in a row.  Oh so good!  Creamy and actually enjoying it.  Seriously.  Instead of just swallowing, it was a yogurt to savor and enjoy the texture and taste.  Incredible.

It’s so worth the few extra cents.  With yogurt this good I will try other flavors than my two same old ones.