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Tis’ the season to be behind on holiday cards (yes… they can go out after Christmas because it’s still the Holidays till New Years!) and to look around the room in amazement as to where in the world all the kids stash is gonna go! Oh, and behind on posting all the Christmas photoshoot pics! arrgh. Should probably start on Valentines Day and St. Patty’s in January!

We had a fantastic Christmas this year in our household. G made it really special for me as he pretty much spent the whole day with us/me. Santa did very well by MiniMe and she was overwhelmed with her gifts. I’ve got to spend some time over the next few days reorganizing all of her toys and finding new places for things. Simon got a new collar, now I can hear him Jingling all over the house, and Jack pretty much was a Scrouge.

Mostly I got gift cards, seriously. Both Mom, Dad and G got me gift plastic. A few other odds and in’s, but the gift cards are always much appreciated! I had a blast this year finding just the right gifts for people, true I wasn’t able to do too much shopping but still. G loved the stuff I got him, this year definitely had a theme – photography.