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So I have this conversation with myself every night…. and every morning.

“You know you should get up and hit the treadmill.” 

“Yeah but that would require strapping an inhaler around my neck and frankly I’m not fond of that accessory.”

or in the morning….

“Don’t hit the snooze button.  Get up and do some weights.  You have a great plan that G put together for you.  Just get up and do it.”

“But the drugs make me have sleep hangover.  Just 21 more minutes!  Come on.. you’ll hit it harder tonight.”

As of late my favorite workout has been “toss from one side of the bed to the other contorting myself around two kitties”.  My body is craving sleep but just doesn’t seem to get getting good sleep.  Job is zapping all of my energies, on too many levels.  I know in someways I’m probably letting it zap me, but there are only so many “barriers” that one can put up.