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Why is it that every year Christmas decorating takes that much longer…. and in as much as I want it all up and pretty… I’m just too worn out.

I feel like a not-so-good Mommy…. even though MiniMe has her own tree I waited till she was down for her afternoon nap to decorate the big tree.  It’s called “breakables” and my back can’t handle lifting her up to place things.  It’s taking a lot of effort this year physically.   If I had been laid out I know I could have sweet-talked for some help, but it wasn’t neccessary.  Some things are just easier to get one without assistance of little hands.  She still has her own tree downstairs to decorate and some non-breakables to go on the big tree, plus one in her room.  It’s all good.

Had to get a new tree this year, as the one I had struggled with (with toddler in tow) to get home last year had been eaten by the damn mouse.  Yes, I believe it was a mouse because anything else makes my skin crawl.  I can handle thinking “mouse” better than I can “rats”.  See, my storage space is limited… so there for awhile I had my tree stored in it’s box, on my screened in back porch.  Redneck yes I know, but when you are out of storage options at the time…

So anyways…. on one side of my town home lives Stacy, who is one of my close friends who is just the bomb.  On the other side are the evil, bastardly bad neighbors.  They make way too much noise, have way too many people living there, let their kids run around and bang on the walls, crank their sound system up way too loud, cook stinky food that somehow the scent infiltrates my home, and they are slobs… trash and actual furniture on their back porch.  (Oh, and management doesn’t stick around here long enough to get anything accomplished about the bad neighbors noise problem.  A process gets started and then they change staff.  Even after police reports and all sorts of hell.  I hate the bad neighbors, and beginning to have a big dislike for any management here because no one seems to do their job!)  So let’s see… neighbors keep trash and an old couch on their porch… mice go and live there… then they come next door to check mine out.  Still have the hole in the porch wall to prove it.  So one day when I was going out on the porch to let MiniMe play, I see droppings and I screamed.  Because I am a clean freak and the though of something leaving droppings makes me crazy.  So I get a big broom, trash bags and secure MiniMe in the house.  I was a woman on a mission!  No mice to be found…. but they  had chewed their way into the Christmas tree box and had been making beds in there.  Once again I had to drag that sucker out of my home, and to the dumpster.

…. So G was super sweet this year and picked one up for us so that I didn’t have to lug one home on my own.  (and I think he was looking for a way to get out of helping me put up the stuff… *wink*)  The house is shaping up… I will probably be working on it for a few more hours because I wanna get it wrapped up before Monday.  Oh to have one more day off!