It was almost midnight. The paint on the bedroom wall was drying, and I still had two more areas I wanted to paint. A wall in the upstairs bathroom, and one more wall in the living room. Seeing the seconds creep further away from me, and looking at my paint splattered hands, I decided just to get it over with.

Thanks once again to the wonderful Stacy who inspired me by her colorful home, and her gift of left over paint. Now my home is very colorful.

My emergency credit card (which has been used more and more since the financial screw over at former job) has more debt on it, as I ran out of Roasted Pepper Red, and Wheat Tan.

So now at 5am on Saturday morning my painting projects are complete. The other wall in the living room is going to have to wait for G to re-drywall some areas by the stair steps due to Jack having a desire to chew drywall. But that’s o.k. because the wall above the fireplace is painted, and just waiting for G to rehang the heavy mirror that he brought for me (and hung) about less than two months ago. (So thoughtful!)

My bathroom wall behind the toilet is lilac purple. I really wanted to get two walls, but I know I don’t have enough paint, and frankly I don’t feel like buying more. I would have rather of made it green (would match the shower curtain better) but *shrugs* it’s still a pretty color. The wall behind my bed is a pretty sage-ish green. Now just to get the merlot colored bedspread to tie in the curtains, and a new bedside lamp!

The hallway looks cool! I’m in love with the red shade (imagine that!) and it’s now begging for some real bookshelves. I also went ahead brought some more frames and hung up a few of the autographs and pictures I have from my days as a DJ. I’m missing quite a few and can’t seem to locate them, this is really pissing me off because I have a feeling I left them at the ex-husbands. But I hung up what I have and it looks cool. Plus Meg thinks I’m cool, because I was in a picture with some guys in a band. *laughs*

I will never paint again.
Wait… I might get around to doing the lower chair rail portion in the kitchen. Then that’s it. I get too obsessed over it and I’m really not that bad at it. But it’s just exhausting. Prime example of my taking advance of having a good day with no attacks, trying to see how much I can get done before the next attack comes in from no-mans-land.

Doing all this painting, hanging pictures and stuff has made me realize something. I’m settling down. Scary. I never planned on being here over a year. It’s been almost two years. I’m making it Meg’s and my home. Not just a holding cell. I love that fact because I’ve gone down a hard road in life to get to where I am, and now doing something that previously I paid someone else do to, or had a boyfriend/husband do it for me gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I also hate it because when you love someone you want to be with them, and frankly the average of two nights a month of having the one you want beside you isn’t enough. “The waiting is the hardest part…”

Now I have the rest of the weekend to spend time with Meg, somewhere catch up on tonights lost sleep, do a good housecleaning, and do some reading/cramming for the new job on Monday. Phew! I wish I really had taken the whole week off last week. Oh well. Money talks.

Promise I’ll post pics later. Too tired to take em’ right now.