Yes hell froze over and I once again found a paint brush/roller that fit my hand.

Poor Lila has been getting multiple phone calls and texts asking stupid questions…. and then I think I made her speechless when I admitted dropping way too much money at Home Depot.

1. Always keep at least two screw drivers handy.

2. Use a really good and heavy hand lotion and some sort of cuticle cream around and under your nails.

3. Fuzzy cats do not make good paint rollers.

4. Painters tape is your best friend, as is the accent paint to fix boo-boos.

5. Plastic drop cloths are bull. Old sheets and towels work much better.

6. Never give your landlords the benefit of the doubt, they are stupid and used three different textures of paint before you ever moved in.

7. Keep scissors on hand to trim paint out of the fur of the fuzzy cat who was too curious.

8. If you honestly need a second opinion…. don’t ask a three year old little girl because “it’s so pretty color Mommy” may not always be true, but it’s so good to hear. Or even “the walls match your hair Mommy” is even funnier.