… and the chicken is me.

I’ve got one solid opportunity if front of me and I’m petrified.
I’ve got two good possible opportunities in front of me and I’m being scared of the “no”. (Bad thing for a sales person to be scared of.)

I got some REALLY good motivation to attempt to work out more (I’ve just been too tired! On the days/weeks when I don’t have an attack I’m too tired out from recovering from the last one and getting caught up on all the house and other stuff I procrastinated on. One of these days and soon I hope to get a better grip on this HAE crap.) anyways…. the really good motivation is… G’s brought a camera. Not just any camera… but a professional Cannon digital that he’s been drooling over for awhile. He’s got a fab “old-fashioned” Cannon, but wanted a digital and all the lenses from his old one will work with the new digital. So when ones boyfriend is good behind the camera…. and he’s got a new camera, and girlfriend dosen’t mind being in front of the camera, much less being a little naughty… it means that girlfriend needs to make sure there are not fat rolls. Bah!