I started on this train of thought…
“When are you considered a professional?”

  • Is it when you have your first paying gig?
  • Is it when you make enough money to cover your expenses put into the profession?
  • It is when you’ve been doing it long enough to have gained recognition from peers in whatever industry it might be?
  • If it when you have achieved a degree or particular training or agency representation?
  • It it when you’ve been asked to do somthing, you gave it a shot, and did okay?

Most companies before they put a sales person on the street that person goes though alot of on the job, or often in the classroom, training. For alot of professions nowadays you have to have a certain ammount of training and expirence to be considered a true professional.

I think it’s a mix of the list I put above. Why? Because frankly to be a professional at anything and have that recognition there has to be some major effort put forth. You have to know your chosen industry, know yourself, and know the job inside and out.