I’ve never claimed to be the brightest crayon in the box, (well… depending on the box) but I’m prone to my “blonde” moments.

Reason #16 not to stay in communication with your ex-husband: They remind you what an idiot you used to be.

Ex-husband number one (what could be refered to as the “practice marriage”) his number popped up on my caller ID. Now this is not strange as years after our divorce bitterness was past us and we were both adults and could talk we put it behind us and became friends again. It also helped that we had both moved on with our lives, and he’s gotten remarried and I adore his wife (the woman he should have married in the first place then he never would have been married 20 times since the first time he met her – long story) Anyways…. so they call me up and we chat for a bit and he was reminded for some reason of one of my most blonde moments soon before we had gotten married years ago…

I couldn’t get my car open. The remote control buttons were not working and I was locked out of the car. I got into a panic and called him. I never thought to put the key in the lock on the door I got into such a panic. He was amused, even after having to leave work and drive across town to “resue” me. I wasn’t too late for my spa appointment afterall.

That reminded me of how materialist I used to be. He asked me how long it had been since I had been shopping (I used to bring home at least a small ransom of stuff every week). When I told him it had been months since I had shopped for anything, he asked if I avoided the mall completely now and was exclusively at boutiques. When I laughed and said I had sold 3/4 of my purse colleciton and was still carrying “out of date” bags, he asked if I was still the same person.


I have changed, in many ways.
But there are still moments when I get depressed and wish for parts of my old life back.
I miss being the “Material Girl” (Chattanooga style of course)

(And tonight I miss living in a house where I had no neighbors on one side that had huge sound systems.)