So I have this pair of killer BCBG lavender stilettos that I adore. Super high, small platform, peep toe. They are my size, and fit good when my feet are swollen, but unless they are swollen I have a harder time keeping them comfy on my feet to walk in. So I’m walking around today and trying to get my walk to coordinate with the shoes (because over time these adorable things have stretched out some as most shoes do when you wear them). So I think to myself “How would I make this work if I was on a runway, or at a shoot?”

I must have looked like an idiot walking around the sales office trying to get the walk down just right, and here’s a hint…

Instead of baring your weight down and ending up walking harder, try swinging your hips a bit more than usual (Now I swing my hips anyways when I walk, but sometimes you gotta use just a pinch more swing with certain shoes.) And don’t walk, strut!