So I’ve been attemptingto try a new diet.
I call it the “eat healthy stuff all the damn time in attempt to reset your metabolism” diet.

So far today I have eaten like a pig, and none of it from a resturant or fast food! (an unkeep-upable feat!)

I’ve had breakfast bars, corn on the cob, carrots, hard boild eggs, banana tomatoe stuffed with cheese and tuna, pineapple juice, strawberries, water, and just one cup of coffee. I have scheduled my day so that midday I was able to come home and eat, and load up on stuff to take back to the office.

This is a lot of work.
I miss fast food.
Also because you gotta buy fresh friut and veggies, some things don’t last long (like cantelope and strawberries) so there are more trips to the grocery store. (Which I despise.)

The sterioids I’m on for the HAE are causing me to gain weight, which is not good. Not good at all. Also my blood pressure has been pretty high lately and that’s gotta get fixed.