So in as much as my body is craving sleep right now I went to bed early last night… was woken up an hour later by Simon being a little $&#%. Then went back to sleep, for about an hour, just to be woken up again by Simon being a littl4e $%&#. I gave up and locked him out of the bedroom and Jack and I attempted to go back to sleep. Then I could hear the damned neighbors raising up WWIII. So after a long while of just laying in bed and begging for sleep, I gave up, got up and took care of some things online that I’d not had the energy to take care of this weekend. Like buying some make up.

Sad I know.

Went back to bed and finally got some sleep. But not before the damn neighbors WWIII started this morning and woke me up 30 minutes earlier that what I needed to be up.

I hate those bastards.
I cannot wait till they move.
My management sucks in that none of them have any balls to deal with it and the local police department has better things to do than deal with noisy neighbors. I don’t care if they do move out in a month, I’ve tried to bite my tounge and deal with their $&^% a little while long by request of the management, but they are going to have to compensate me somehow. Like get my carpets cleaned and some new rug on my back porch.