I learned a good lesson today…. ER’s and toddlers don’t mix well together. I also learned that the local Parkridge ER rocks. MiniMe is okay, the trip wasn’t for her, it was for me.

MiniMe was happy because the nurse gave her two stickers. *laughs*

Mommy was happy because they gave me a good shot.

Got into a discussion with one of the nurses, sparked by the fact that I had found a crappy cartoon on the tv in the room for MiniMe to watch while I was waiting for the injection to take affect.
“Television is the main sorce of the downfall of our society today.”
You should have seen his face when I told him I worked for one of the local TV stations. Pretty funny. Good guy though, had a great disscussion and I helped redirect his viewpoint that it’s not the TV, it’s a multiple onslaught of all mediums of media and stupid people in general who have no common sense and take things way too darn litterly.