Had a great photo shoot today with an out of town photographer, David. We got alot accomplished and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results. Even did some shots with MiniMe, she did so good and was so excited about having her picture taken with Mommy. Althought it was a toss up between wanting to take pictures with Mommy, or having “Duck” (G) teaching her how to throw decently with rocks into the creek that we were shooting by.

Back in front of the camera a little bit earlier than what I should have been considering that I’m still not 100% recovered from the most recent HAE attack. Hard to wear makeup and in as much as I tried to keep it from showing in my eyes they were looking tired after just an hour.

Alas my last one with one of my favorite local photographers, Jon (see him in my top friends list) the other weekend I fear may not have gone as well. Upon reflection (I haven’t seen the pics yet but you can still get a feel for how a shoot went by the end of it and on some preview shots on the camera. Bless the digital age.) I know I didn’t perform well. I was tired and really should have been home in bed. The prepreation wore me out and when we moved outside the heat just got to me and I was informed just the other day that “my bitch came out”, and I probably did need to have taken that weekend off. It was my first one “back” since my health imposed hiatus (and after shooting with other photogs and not getting my pictures as promised has a tendency to piss a model off and makes you not want to work at all, paid or unpaid, still wanna see the results dammit!)

So feeling the best I have in over a month, really pushed myself again and this time it felt good. I’m learning the difference between when it’s smart to push myself, and when I need to back off of myself and realize that I’m human. No one expects me to be Superwoman, even if I do have the costume. 😉