So I’m sitting there in Urgent Care today because of the HAE… (what’s new?) and had been there for awhile. Gone through the “Educating the doctors and nurses on what HAE is and how it’s treated” aka “Don’t you have some medical version of you dumbass?” already multiple times, and gone through the gaultlet of various tests to assure them that I was actually human. I had just rested my head agasint the wall in frustration, just a few minutes of examing the inside of my eyelids for leaks.

There’s a knock at the door and one of the nurses comes back in.
“Well congratulations! It’s a boy!”

I sat there for a second dumbfounded. In my half awake state the only thing I could think of came tumbling out of my mouth;
“You’re fired.”

Silly nurse, but he was fun. I like medical people with fun personalities. Heck, if I’m gonna be stuck with you for a few hours… do me a favor and at least crack some jokes with me!