I’m a grown woman and I miss my Mommy.

Yes I know I’m pathetic. Mom is up North with the majority of the family spending time taking care of her Mom, my Grandma.

As a teenager if you had told me I’d miss my Mom after she’d been gone just just a week I’d have called you nuts. My Mom is one of my best friends and I miss her terribly, but we’ve not talked much since she’s been away. There’s stuff going on here that she’d only be worried about, and frankly in my family we are avoiders, so I think we are both acting in the “avoiding” role right now in some ways. I know I am. Immature as it might be, one can only handle so much.

She’s out of town till August, and I can’t wait for her to get back to Tennessee.

On another note, I’m fed up with HAE. I’ve been having the stomach pain attacks for the past two days. Insane pain that just makes you want to break stuff. I’ve done well though, I’ve managed to make money at work this week, work every single day, take care of my daughter, and even enjoy some time with friends. Now to get through a casual photo shoot on Sunday and I’ll be proud of myself. In the meantime this stuff sucks, and yes I’m bitching.