I get a clear picture every now and then…..

…..as to why I hate women and rather have male friends.

…..and want to beg forgivness to any of my friends who I might have offended or offhanded without meaning to in my past or even now and I don’t realize it.

…..as to why I love my girlfriends dearly, the ones I’ve known since birth, since puberty, and since just last week.

….and want to tell many that they were right, and if I haven’t already told you then *ahem*
You were right.

…..and to those that stood with me, thank you ever so much. To those that at least showed up, thanks. To those that didn’t acknowledge, I know of a nice lake you can jump in. But I still love all of you guys anyways, and thank you for still being my friends.

I get a clear picture every now and then.