This morning at 6:00 am I was woken up by a crash, a crash that came from the kitchen. My two furry children were not in bed with me like they should have been at that hour.

“If that was the coffee pot I am going to skin me two kitties.”

Upon investigation instead of the coffee pot, it was my large antique Waterford crystal bowl I had on display on the table. *sob* Silly me thought that the heavy bowl would help keep the table cloth on the table. Not so with two mischevious kitties.

To make it worse it seems it was my angelic kitty, Jack, who is the main culprit. He’s acting guilty (hiding) while Simon (aka Kelpto Cat & Devil with Fur) is laying at the foot of the bed. At the scene of the crime Simon was the furtherst away, although I’d place money betting that he was just faster at getting away from the disater than Jack. He’s just devious like that.

So already this morning I have swept, dust moped, and wet mopped the kitchen floor, and wiped down the table and any chairs that were near the crash, and washed the table cloth. Not quite the morning workout I perfer… but had to be done.

Can’t even give them “time – out”.